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Yoni Sweetener/Sugar Lump Splash Booster

Yoni Sweetener/Sugar Lump Splash Booster

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SPLASH BOOSTER is lumps of crystallized, refined sugar made from sugar cane. This sweetener is for wetness/Libido booster. It makes you dripping wet,and enhances your sexual life. Sacred sweets makes your lotus sweet, gives you an urge for sex and makes your man feel the sweetness and enjoy the sweet taste of your vajay jay. Trust me this is a must have for every woman. its fun and a all natural sugar. Its Strictly for the Ladies.

.21 pieces of candy with size varying

Splash Booster are white candy, Small Cubes in different sizes
.it is used to avoid Vaginal dryness
.Help Secrete Vaginal Fluid/Juice thereby Making you moist

How to use:
Lick and suck on 5-8 candies 1 to 2 hours before play time to circulate throughout your body system. It can also  be put in your drink.

Ingredients: Crystalized Sugar Cane (A
potent, herbal aphrodisiac)

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